Gifing- Is it legit? All you need to know before subscribing to their platform

Logo of gifing,

Gifing is a new Canadian start-up, created by the web marketer Anthony Nevo. With over 150k YouTube followers, this French serial entrepreneur is known for his marketing talent. He is famous in the Francophone entrepreneurship community for his successful affiliation programs such as;

-The Club VieDeDingue

-Elite Affiliation


His online programs are mainly focused on marketing and affiliation. In fact, as you can see in the image below, with a total profit of $85,159.40 with Jvzoo, a marketing platform for affiliation programs; Anthony has repeatedly proven his significant results in these different areas.

Anthony Nevo shows his results of his profit with Jvzoo

On January 30th, 2020, Anthony and his team launched a new online platform called Gifing. It’s a website that provides royalty-free videos and gifs specifically developed for web marketing.

It provides the opportunity to create exclusive content, but not only. Gifing is also a 2-level affiliate program, based on a new revolutionary system.

Concept of Gifing 

Gifing is an online bank of, with over 15,000 gifs specifically designed for online marketing. Anthony Nevo introduced the platform’s content as very efficient in terms of conversion.

In fact, I used their gifs in my previous articles and outcomes were much better than expected. So, this made me realize an important factor; Putting a bit of life into articles is a perfect way to capture the readers’ interest. Additionally, it increases the engagement and conversation rate of your articles. It gets the readers much more invested in the article and finish with a better understanding of the blog’s topic. It is important to note that the Gifing platform offers exclusive content that can’t be found elsewhere on the internet!

Anthony hired professionals around the world to film entertaining scenes that fit in multiple niches. These videos are then processed and transformed into promoting content.

Do they only propose gifs?

No, you can choose to download the Gifing contents in 3 formats;

•    Video

Download this video

•    Clip (Gif)

Gif of Gifing, business girl with money
Download this Gif

•    Reverse

Reverse of funny business girl
Download this Gif

As a side note, it is important to know that you can also choose to download these contents in 3 different sizes:

•    Story

gif of gifing with funny guy at the gym
Download this Gif

•  Square

happy man flirt at the gym
Download this Gif

•  Horizontal

happy fitness man
Download this Gif

What are all these formats for?

Such various formats allow the gifs to adjust to all platforms such as; Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or a WordPress website!


facebook Advertising of gifing


gif of travel niche for gifing

Your WordPress Website

gif for blog

Your articles

gif for article

How much does it cost?

It is important to know that you don’t have to pay and no credit card information is needed to sign up and download the gifs with the Gifing watermark. If you need a gif in its original form, you then have the choice to either take a subscription or buy the content solely.

For an up to date price information, please click the button bellow



Gifing is in fact a trustworthy company. Their content is downloadable for free with the watermark or in premium quality when subscribed to the platform.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, it doesn’t cost anything and credit card details aren’t required to create an account and browse over 15,000 downloadable content for your company. Whether you are in the fitness, travel, beauty or even food niche, you can click on the logo below to access and discover all the contents of Gifing

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